The matching power is Yunnei power and domestic well-known brand diesel engine with high cost performance ratio. The power range can cover 20-1500KW. It is suitable for enterprises, schools, hospitals, mines, construction sites and other fields.

General Unit Product Characteristics:

  • The matching power of 20-125 kW is China's famous brand "Yunnei Power" diesel engine; the matching power of 100-1500kw is selected from well-known brands at country and abroad, with a wide range of choices.
  • The output power of the whole machine is strong and stable, and its service time is long.
  • Individual customized production to meet the power needs of different customers;
  • The product is manufactured strictly according to the manufacturing process, and the quality is reliable.

Test Equipment and Processing Equipment

Yunnei Machinery has a complete set of units and engine test bench, which can realize the calibration and performance test of units and engines, and ensure the quality and reliability of units. Complete processing equipment, to meet the large-scale production of generating units, improve product quality.